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New Windows Version

Who would of guessed.  The Windows version before the Linux version gets available.  It is however not tested, and will probably not getting tested by myself, so keep the feedback coming.

New MacOS download

After a long tine a new download is available.  The first platform to receive this update is MacOS X.  Next will be the Linux version. Changes for this version: Fixed an error on schedule (planning a radio recording) SSL is activated.  If available SSL activated sites can be used. Move the Radiolisting to –…

New Linux 64bit builds available

New version for Linux 64 bit (GTK & QT) are now available for download. No 32bit yet.  If no one asks for it.  It can take a while before I build 32bit binaries. Please try and report.

New version for MacOS X online …

A new version for MacOS X has been posted.  Please test and report. Changes: New unit to read OGG/OPUS Tags Reading/Writing CD Cover in OGG/OPUS Tags Ripping Audio CD to OGG/OPUS and AAC (M4A) is now supported (Limited tested)

Development has started again …

Updated all my PC’s to Lazarus 1.9 and updated the source to compile in this environment. Development is now again done in MacOS X, and used in MacOS and LINUX.  I’ve installed a virtual Windows just to build XiXMusicPlayer for Windows, but this is not fully tested. SVN sources need yet to be updated.  So…

XiX Lyric Plugin needs to be updated

Due to changes in the website ( the XiX Music Player might be broken. If this is the case, you can download an updated version @ downloads

Linux revision 113 available

Hi, I’ve made builds for revision 113 for Linux (x86) available.  Please report bugs and errors. Not yet complete are: Fullscreen CDCoverPlayer: Chose songs from playlist or CD.  (Work in progress) Search for errors and duplicates.  (Work in progress) Known Issues: FX Reverb does not save settings


I am changing the layout of the XiX Music Player website.  So it is possible that some pages are inaccessible for the moment.Please be patient …