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Wish List - CD covers, Tempo Control and Playlist Control


First off, I want to say that XiX looks like a great product (I haven't figured it all out yet).  I think this would be very handy for what I do (I call and teach square dance) with just a few tweaks.  So here is my wish list:

Make it possible to shut off the cover art permanently.  I use the lyrics box for my calling, and don't want to have to shut off the cover art each time a song starts. (Nice to be able to call up my own lyrics from a file, by the way.  Good job!)

Make an option that can be selected to prevent the playlist from advancing automatically.  I would prefer that each song stop at the end, and that I start the next song myself. (An example of this can be found in Audacious music player; Playback > No Playlist Advance)

The Tempo control:  the words "Tempo 100%" highlight red and what looks like a slider control appears to the right of the words when I hover the cursor over the words, however, the slider disappears when I move the cursor over the slider.  I have not figured out how to adjust the tempo.

I am currently using this program on a Windows 10 hp laptop as well as a Windows 10 Nextbook 10.  The program works the same on both machines.

My biggest wish is to move out of Windows to Linux, and XiX gives me some hope of doing so.  🙂   I would heartily recommend this to other callers and dance leaders with these changes.  This is my last barrier to leaving Windows permanently.

If there are already ways to do what I am asking for, please pardon my ignorance.  I am eager for instruction!

Thanks again!

Tim Schares

Hello Tim,

thanks for the input.  Those tips/wishes seem easy to implement and can be usefull for other users too, so I will try to add these.

As for tempo:  If you hover over tempo, you can use the mousewheel to put the tempo faster/slower.

One of the option that is still in my head is to support timebased lyrics (karaoke).  When used fullscreen only the text becomes available that you want at any given time in the song.  I think this could also benefit your work.

Hey, that's great, thanks!

I am not using a mouse, but rather the touchpad on my laptop.  That being said, though, I tried the two-finger scroll gesture, and that worked to change the tempo.

Thanks for the insight!  Can't wait to see how the other changes go!

And yes, I think the timed lyrics could work very well for what I do, as long as I structure my lyrics properly to take advantage of it.

Good luck!