Updated all my PC’s to Lazarus 1.9 and updated the source to compile in this environment.
Development is now again done in MacOS X, and used in MacOS and LINUX.  I’ve installed a virtual Windows just to build XiXMusicPlayer for Windows, but this is not fully tested.

SVN sources need yet to be updated.  So do the downloads.

Changes in the new build include:

  • Last.FM support works again.  Loading CD Covers, Artist Info and Most Played Tracks.
  • Threads updated.  Loading CD Covers, Loading Artist Info, Loading Most Played Tracks and Loading Lyrics now each have their own thread.
  • First played song did not show the BitRate setting.  FIXED
  • Random play got better.
  • Last used country in ListenLive.eu is remembered.
  • Possible to disable CD Covers
  • Setting to make better use the width of the Playing Queue, so you see all fields, even if there is a very long title.
  • Updated settings for installing FLAC on MacOS X Sierra
  • Setting to fix CD Cover Height to max 50% of lyric screen
  • Updated settings for installing FLAC on MacOS X Sierra
  • Fixes in CoverPlayer:  Coverplayer shows CD Cover reflection from the first song,  Songtext in coverplayer is updated better.
  • A lot of not so visible changes …