At last …. Some updates 🙂

I will make updates again on XiX Music Player.

There are new downloads for Linux (64bits) and MS Windows.  These new updates are the beginning of a new update cycle.
For the moment it is just a new re-compile of the source, with some minor changes.
CDDBid lookup is using the new cddbid database located at (because freedb has stopped it service and is down) – Not yet tested.
The Linux version could freeze when being closed on some systems.  This should also be fixed.

Next up:

– Theming
– New Coverplayer (Andoid Auto style)
– Remove (service is down) completly and look for a replacement.
– Don’t use Last.FM picture for cover when cover is not found.
– Updated network support

A new development has also been started on using alternatives for the fantastic (but closed) BASS libraries.  This effort is mimicing the same functionality as the original XiXMusicPlayer.  There is also hope to get this working on Haiku.

No support is planned for MacOS.  I’ve wiped out MacOS completly from my iMac and Macbook Air and  switched also to linux on these devices.